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What is your faith tradition, and how does it impact your art?

My spiritual history is best described as a multi-traditional Christian… I’m not alone.  However it unfolds, clearly many others have taken this path.  Raised Episcopalian, I had a conversion/ renewal experience in high school which resulted in my involvement in school campus inter-denominational Christian groups. Young adulthood followed suit. My husband and I found a place among a non-denominational association of churches.  In my 30s it  fell apart and fell short on many levels.   Fresh start in tow, I wanted to better understand  the universality and ancient aspects Christianity beyond a generational context.  Reading the desert fathers and women mystics who were also ‘doctors’ of the church set me yearning for the beauty within the liturgy.  Twelve years ago I converted to the Catholic tradition heavily influenced by Teresa of Avila’, Henri Nouwen and  biblical scholar and convert from Calvinism, Scott Hahn.